PVC/CPVC Pipe Cutters – New Design

In 1979, the first original patent for PVC Pipe Cutter was patented in the US by MCC Corporation. We are the creator with the idea to cut the PVC pipe in a way of scissors when people were cutting by saw. Our invention completely had changed the world’s view in the plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, mechanical, and many other industries involving plastic pipes. The advantage of using a PVC Pipe Cutter allows for faster, cleaner, and less effort cuts. MCC, that’s number one brand for Plastic Pipe Cutters.

Compact Design Compact jaw & blade and compact handle opening. Works great in tight area like pipe between pipes or against wall, pipe in irrigation trench. Easy to keep it in your pocket or small pouch on your belt, avoid to keep losing at jobsite. 1” cutter(34ED) and 1.1/2”(48ED)

DuraBladeTM for durability, sharpness, and less-crack-cutting. The long-lasting sharpness established by the innovative technology of heat treatment. Less pipe-cracking during cold temperatures (test proven)  Blade is the most important part of PVC Pipe Cutters. This is the part that decides the performance and quality of cutting most.

Quick Release makes your cutting work much easier and faster. You can open the blade just by opening the handles a little wider. Truly one-hand operation lets your other hand free. It’s so convenient when you are making one cut after another.

Rust-Free Spring Stainless steel spring avoids rust damages. Many PVC Pipe Cutters in the market simply use a high carbon steel spring which eventually rust and breaks easily. Consequently ending up in a stressful repair or being disposed of. MCC provides the most reliable working condition at any job site condition.

Ergonomic Handle Does your arm get tired by cutting large quantity of PVC pipes? This negative side effect is caused by the handle design and leverage. We designed based on the human ergonomics for maximizing the leverage. This is the cutter that you feel easier in cutting than any other cutters in the market.

Model No.Product CodeCap. Pipe SizePipe O.D. inch (mm)Weight lbs (g)Replacement Blade No.
VC-0327VC-27EDUp to 3/4″Up to 1″ (27mm)0.6 (260g)VCE0327
VC-0334VC-34EDUp to 1″Up to 1 1/3″ (34mm)0.6 (290g)VCE0334
VC-0342VC-42EDUp to 1 1/4″Up to 1 5/8″ (42mm)0.9 (420g)VCE0342
VC-0348VC-48EDUp to 1 1/2″Up to 1 7/8″ (48mm)0.9 (400g)VCE0348
VC-0363VC-63EDUp to 2″Up to 2 1/2″ (63mm)1.4 (650g)VCE0363

VC-0327, VC-0334, VC-0342, VC-0348


We made it simple. To learn how to replace blade, click on the instruction video below.


PVC Pipe Cutters – Traditional design

The “A” series are the original design we have been manufacturing since our PVC Pipe Cutter has been patented. They are old fashion and the operation is relatively slower than the new ED series shown above. However, there are still many users who specifically purchase these series even after many manufacturers produced a synthetic cutter that is less than half of the price in the market. We know as being the creator, by copying our product, the critical part in designing cannot be obtained. This makes a big difference among the finishing products!

Model No.Product CodeCap. Pipe SizePipe O.D. inch (mm)Weight lbs (g)Replacement Blade No.
VC-0220VC-26AUp to 1″Up to 1″ (26mm)0.6 (265g)VCE0220
VC-0242VC-42AUp to 1 1/4″Up to 1.5/8″ (42mm)1.0 (460g)VCE0242
VC-0163VC-63Up to 2″Up to 2.1/2″ (63mm)2.4 (1,070g)VCE0163