BOLT CUTTER – Standard

Since 1928 when we began manufacturing Bolt Cutters in Japan, MCC has been leading the industry quality standards with its non-stop product improvements based on field in-depth research, multipurpose testing, and customer feedback. MCC implements quality control regulations ranging from the selection of raw materials to product packaging to maintain the consistence in quality that our products are known for and have attributed our popularity in the market, as the highest record in market shares in Japan had reached up to 75%.

Perfect Aligned Cutting Edge
Misalignment of the blades is one of the predominant factors leading to chipped blades, which leads to over spending by purchasing replacement blades constantly. The perfectly aligned blade of the MCC Bolt Cutters, prolong the life span of the blades by avoiding damage under rough use such as twisting or over capacity cutting.

Side Adjustment absorbs the cutting shock significantly, which reduces the physical stress on the user. The great difference between MCC Cutters and other cutters can be specially noticed while cutting hard materials. The side adjustment also made it possible to provide the user with simple yet ample adjustment range.

Gear Connection with strict proportional dimension provides the highest reliable performance in any jobsite. This required part in manufacturing Bolt Cutters is often disregarded by other companies in order to reduce the production cost, yet this simple fact ends up cutting a corner in quality and durability.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Grips This is the only soft part of in the Bolt Cutter, yet soft does not mean it can lack in quality. It is never comfortable to work with a tool without grip. The handles installed on MCC Bolt Cutter, though soft, are heavy duty and are able to withstand rough use.

Model No.SizeJaw DesignHandleSafety Cutting Capacity
HRC 19
Safety Cutting Capacity
HRC 36
BC-073012″Clipper CutMalleable Cast Iron3/16″ (5mm)7/64″ (3mm)
BC-073514″Center CutSteel Tubular1/4″ (6mm)5/32″ (4mm)
BC-074518″Center CutSteel Tubular5/16″ (8mm)1/4″ (6mm)
BC-076024″Center CutSteel Tubular3/8″ (10mm)5/16″ (8mm)
BC-077530″Center CutSteel Tubular1/2″ (13mm)11/32″ (9mm)
BC-079036″Center CutSteel Tubular9/16″ (14mm)3/8″ (10mm)
BC-071042″Center CutSteel Tubular5/8″ (16mm)15/32″ (12mm)


BC-0735 to BC-0710

Replacement Blade as a set

A set of blade can be replaced easily and quickly at any job site.

Model No.SizeReplacement Blade