Problem in cutting PVC pipe in tight space like trench or ditch?

MCC 1” PVC Pipe Cutter has answer for you. (Most selected Pipe Cutters for California landscapers & irrigators)

Problem in cutting CPVC Pipe?

MCC CPVC Pipe Cutter is your best option. (Most used CPVC Pipe Cutter for Fire sprinkler contractors in California). Factory testing proved the result.

Tired of cutting industrial plastic pipe like Sch 80?

MCC Plastic Pipe Cutter makes cutting job much easier by highly efficient leverage mechanism and ergonomic handle.

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The best cutter for cutting nails and screws.

Cuts 16D galvanized nail by one hand easy. This is the easiest way to cut nail-end sticking out from floors, roofs, ceilings. Great tool for Fascia board replacement.
Trusted by thousands of contractors in California.

Don’t get your hands tired.

Less finger fatigue by auto opening and 2x leverage. Spring loaded handles open up the blades automatic. Highly efficient cutting leverage minimizes your effort in cutting.

Need a flat and even surface after cut?

Flush cutting leaves no nail or screws on the surface. No necessary to worry about getting some scratches on surface by grinder.

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There is no better wrench than Corner Wrench for the pipe against wall or in tight trench or ditch.

90-degree offset handle and compact design allows you to reach in tight space. Saves you time by avoiding digging and making more space just for pipe wrench.

Corner Wrench-Slim fit gets your pipe turn around or twist around in minutes.

Elbow after elbow in the tight corner? Take Corner Wrench-Slim Fit and get your job done easily.

Struggling with small-size of pipe like 1/8” for
high pressure plumbing like near compressor?

Take 8” Compact Corner Wrench and get your job

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